This is my first narration for a film I'm writing inspired by this piece by Marthalicia Matarrita.


Dominican Wolf Marthalicia Matarrita.jpg

Alpha + Omega

My name is Michael and I am a wolf.

I live with my mom in the middle of a forest. [view Bronx high rises]

I've never seen my father but my mom says he had blue eyes. [view boy looking at husky dog in book]

Every day I go out into the wild.

Now my mom has brought another cub into our den. She says he's my brother but at first I wasn't so sure. [half-brother comes to live with them]

(You know you're not actually a wolf, right?)

Then I saw him run...

And fight.

He must be my brother.

Sometimes brothers have to fight...

To show who is the alpha wolf...

But they are still a wolf pack.

One day a hunter came upon us. We couldn't run or hide. [school shooting]

But wolves are cunning, and can hunt as a team.

My brother knows it's the alpha's job to defend the pack. [half-brother shot helping students escape]

But even the omega must help... [young brother helps wounded brother to safety]

For the survival of the pack.

My wolf pack is very strong.